Up your pre-assessment game like these companies

... and recognize the high & hidden potentials within your talent pool in no time

Invest your quality time in the most promising group to make the best choice(s).


Decide per job what exactly you are looking for in your new colleague(s).


Invite all candidates to play the serious assessment games online.


Compare the brain scores relevant to your jobs in a simple dashboard.


Get in touch with the top matches & find your fit!

The benefits of working with BrainsFirst

Invest your quality time into the most promising group

Opt for the Tool now for the toppers of tomorrow.

BrainsFirst is backed by 6 years of cutting edge neuroscientific research to reveal the biological building blocks of human performance.


We deliver easy-to-use metrics, based on reliable data. This enables you to transform your talent pool from quantity into quality easily.

More predictive.

What matters most to you, is whether a talent will flourish in specifically your job and culture. Our data tells you what makes someone smart and if this kind of intelligence is what you are looking for.

More inclusive.

Bias-free and objectively measured. That's what you need to hire for future fit instead of performance in the past. This way you'll grow both diversity and ROI.

And most important: much better.

Our valid, brain-based data leaves no space for bias, prejudices, faked answers, compound scores or vague indicators. Do justice to every talent and improve your (pre) assessment with jumps.

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