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Which brains are you exactly looking for?

Each job sets specific requirements for the brain. The better the match between job profile and brain profile, the higher the chance of success on the work floor.
Choose validated brain profiles for your industry or create a custom brain profile with us!

Management, IT and/or Finance trainee

Typically a function in which the quick acquisition of new knowledge and abilities is key. Successful trainees by nature are good at, among other things, problem solving, mental flexibility and the ability to quickly switch between tasks. Some of the main building blocks for performance are Brain Capacity & Brain Agility.


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Strategy Consultant - the allrounders

Processing a lot of information fast. Usually having eye for detail and being able to distinguish main from side issues. Supplemented by a considerable dose of problem solving ability and specific attention-skills. That is, in short, what makes up a typical strategy consultantprofile. Where some companies are particularly looking for talents that score high on Brain Grit, other clients are more interested in the type that naturally scores high on Brain Agility.


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Online marketers - flexible task-switchers with high work pace

Specifically for this type of function without clear education requirements, school degrees or grade lists have very little meaning. And unfortunately, IQ tests are not great at predicting job performance here as well. Research has shown that successful online marketers are good at task-switching, rapidly shifting their attention back and forward and can perform under pressure. Typically brain functions that we can measure for you, such as Brain Fluency, Brain Speed and Brain Flexibility.

Read more about BrainsFirst and Online marketeers in this article in Emerce.
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Cyber Security Experts - hackers versus defenders

Recent research among top notch cyber security specialists has shown that the brains of these IT experts can be distinguished from other highly qualified professional groups. The hackers react quickly, are good at anticipation, have high accuracy and can work well using protocols. Defenders are more considerate than hackers, even better capable of dealing with stress and can easily and quickly change tasks. The brain profile of a well-performing ethical hacker does not necessarily coincide with what we would refer to as classically intelligent (IQ). This means a traditional capacity test is not able to predict this kind of job performance in real working life.
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Custom brain profile: let's create the brain profile you are looking for together!

Is the brain (profile) you are looking not there yet or are you looking for a unique kind of talent that requires a tailored approach? In that case, a BrainsFirst consultant will create a custom brain profile together with you and couple of your colleagues, based on science, data models & your expert input. During an Expert workshop of up to 1 hour at your office we will unravel which brains you are actually looking for. That makes it a lot easier to find the right talent!


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Professional football player: game intelligence in action

Players performing at Champions League-level process information extremely fast. They also act at a dazzling pace, are able to collect a lot of information and to distinguish various details. Furthermore, these elite players are very stress-resilient and can control their impulses very well. These traits make this group of professionals stand out. In some sense, one can speak of highly intelligent people within their specific professional context. By identifying the typical Football Brain, BrainsFirst helps clubs in finding the future stars who truly are tomorrow’s top players, by nature.

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The benefits of working with BrainsFirst

Invest your quality time into the most promising group

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BrainsFirst is backed by 6 years of cutting edge neuroscientific research to reveal the biological building blocks of human performance.


We deliver easy-to-use metrics, based on reliable data. This enables you to transform your talent pool from quantity into quality easily.

More predictive.

What matters most to you, is whether a talent will flourish in specifically your job and culture. Our data tells you what makes someone smart and if this kind of intelligence is what you are looking for.

More inclusive.

Bias-free and objectively measured. That's what you need to hire for future fit instead of performance in the past. This way you'll grow both diversity and ROI.

And most important: much better.

Our valid, brain-based data leaves no space for bias, prejudices, faked answers, compound scores or vague indicators. Do justice to every talent and improve your (pre) assessment with jumps.

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