NeurOlympics | Brain-based Assessment Platform

Make game intelligence insightful

How does it work?

1. Play the games

Measuring relevant brain functions, that is what the NeurOlympics are all about. The NeurOlympics games are developed by neuroscientists in collaboration with devoted sports experts. Equipped to divide the best from the rest in elite sports & business. Honest, transparent and available for you.

  • 4 Assessment games
  • Based on neuroscientific tasks
  • Staircased levels
  • Evidence based
  • 6 Years of research
  • Desktop & tablet
  • Browser-friendly
  • 45 minutes of gaming

2. gather relevant data

While gaming we collect 1000+ data points. A very rich source of performance information, finding its origins in the human brain. The data set uncovers the unique brain configuration of the gamer(s). Every type of sports requires a specific set of brain functions at a certain level.

  • 53 Cognitive factors
  • 9 Brain traits
    • Essential building blocks of performance like:
      Speed of information processing
      Reaction time
      Brain capacity
      Mental flexibility
      Attention Skills
      Stress resilience

      … and more!

3. View & Compare scores

Find the football smartest talents first. Besides other necessary traits you’d look for the best match between what a player’s brain is able to by nature and what is required to bring on in the game. We use cutting-edge machine learning to help us making your yes/no decisions even more valid. This makes your job to decide in who to invest your academy resources more valuable. Schedule a demo today.

  • Data-driven football brain index
  • Targeted benchmarks (from Youth academy to Champions League level)
  • Dashboard access
  • Staff / Scout report

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