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Elite players in football, field hockey, volleyball and tennis are game intelligent. No doubt. They are more game intelligent than their opponents performing at a lower level. BrainsFirst succeeded in translating 6 years of neuroscientific research into a reliable & scalable assessment tool. Our aim is to help you improving your talent decisions. Are you also looking for more valid admissions & rejections in your youth recruitment?

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Play 4 objective brain games
Making game Intelligence insightful


Discover the strongest and less distinctive brain skills of all your players in one overview


View & Compare Game Intelligence scores
Corrected for age and game level


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Group of players with the highest potential

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How BrainsFirst helps AZ to invest available Academy resources in the most promising naturals


Top 3 frequently asked questions

Starting from what age can we start testing our players?
You can use the NeurOlympics-test games for players from 9 years and up. Predictive value raises with age.
For players from 15 years and older, the scores are already very reliable. Read more

Can we – as a club or association – use BrainsFirst to improve our player development program?
In the first place, BrainsFirst is developed to support decision-making in talent detection.
The scores help to identify the future potential of your players.
We help you to invest your academy budget in the most promising naturals.

Is it possible to train brain skills to the desired level of elite players?
Recent neuroscientific research shows that effects of cognitive training programs are modest.
To state this simple: everyone can improve his skills, but there is a limit to potential improvement. To develop to a “9 or 10” you need to start with “a 8”.


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