How to recognize the Online Marketer Brain

Know what you’re looking for
Recent research among over 100 online marketers gave insights into what you are exactly looking for in a new Online Marketing colleague. Successful Online Marketers score naturally high on attention-& control skills. This enables them to easily shift their attention and effortlessly switch between different tasks. On the other hand, an Online Marketer does not necessarily has to be able to record and process many different types of information at the same time.

Match Brain & Job
The brain profile of an Online Marketer does not correlate high with classical intelligence. This makes a traditional IQ test therefore inadequate as a selection tool. Save time and uncertainties. Let BrainsFirst help you with a reliable preselection and invest your time in the most promising candidates!

Challenges & Solutions

Recognize the group high & hidden potentials in your talent pool in no time.

Invest your quality time in the most promising group to make the best choice(s).


Decide per job what exactly you are looking for in your new colleague(s).


Invite all candidates to play the serious assessment games online.


Compare the brain scores relevant to your jobs in a simple dashboard.


Get in touch with the top matches & find your fit!

Did you know...

The benefits of working with BrainsFirst

Faster, more objective, more personal & especially better

BrainsFirst is backed by 6 years of cutting edge neuroscientific research to reveal the biological building blocks of human performance.

More efficient processUnlimited scaleable

More predictiveThanks to bias-free data

Personal contactWith the most promising group


ROIOn an annual basis

+€0,4 MLN

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